„Reforestación“ - Afforestation

„Sustainability is fed by a feeling of abundance – there is enough for everybody. This mindset helps us to appreciate that, which is already present in our lives and it dispenses with the need for exploitation, which always is connected with the mindset of scarcity. It enables us to creatively express our natural connectedness with all of life, so that all people can again share in the plenitude of our Earth”

We support sustainable afforestation in areas affected by landslides. We plant both timber and native trees, such as pines. Given the long period of growth of timber the pines are vital for short-and medium-term income generation because they are suitable for the breeding of edible mushrooms.

In 2014 we made a project in Progreso, Apurimac, which was affected by huge landslides due to heavy and long rainfalls.

In 2016 we will finance a project in San Sebastion, Cusco. We will also finance a vocational training in afforestation for one of our collaborators.

All donations go to 100% into the projects

Progreso auf fast 4000m Höhe
Notunterkünfte nach murenabgängen
Notunterkünfte nach Murenabgängen
Sandsäcke zum Schutz gegen die Fluten
Dorfkinder im Sonntagsstaat
Mädchen in Tracht
David Tejada mit dem Bürgermeister von Progreso bei der Besprechung eines Aufforstungsprojekts
David Tejada mit den Setzlingen
Abladen der Bäumchen
Kinder beim Abladen der Bäumchen
Die Setzlinge
Pflanzlöcher ausheben
Die geschützen Pflanzen