"No-Violencia" - "Non-Violence"

“The worldwide paradigm of there is not enough for everybody, and ever more growth doesn’t really protect me from impending scarcity, paired with the conviction that I will not be able to make a real difference, generates a climate of impotence and violence”

The dimension of violence towards children and women in Peru is shocking.
2013 we have carried out a tutoring project at the Valentin Pariagua Corazao public school in Cusco. At the desire and with the full support of the school administration, in 2014 Herzkraft will support the school in bringing to life a culture of non-violence. 

In 2014 teachers of Valentin Pariagu Corazao received a workshop in non-violent communication. Furthermore they received guidance as to how toresolve conflict situations in the classroom and during recreation.

In the Instituto Antonio Lorena in Cusco two classes received a workshop in non-violent communication. Furthermore 20 students received psychotherapy free of charge.

In 2015 50 students of the Instituto Antonio Lorena received psychotherapy free of charge. They will receive an anonymos questionnaire in order to investigate the effectiveness of the program.

Two Cuscan universities asked Herzkraft to do payed workshops for their students. Herzkraft will do the workshops in 2016 and invest the income into new projects against violence.

In 2016 students will also take part in seminars for self-assertion, in order to learn how to sharpen their instinct, to regain trust in their gut feeling and to learn effective strategies for coping with dangerous situations.

All donations go to 100% into the projects