„Jointly developed visions bear rich fruit. I will help you and you will help me, prepares the ground for a harvest, which will benefit the whole comunity"

In villages in the highlands we finance the construction of hygienic stables to enable the breeding of Guinea pigs (Cuyes) – a Peruvian delicacy. The families taking part create cooperatives, which we accompany from the breeding stage until distribution. Part of the proceeds will be set aside to fund stalls for other families. We support people in developing a new vision for their villages. So they learn to be confident, to trust in their abilities and to tread alternate paths out of poverty together.

2012 and 2013 stables have been and will be built in three villages near Cuzco  Huancalle, Calca and San Salvador.

By 2014 we have finances stables for 60 families and generated an income for them. As a consequence mothers are now able to buy their children breakfast and the children don't fall asleep in school anymore. Furthermore do the mothers teach their daughters the trade - biological breeding of small animals an d selling them with a profit. As the project was installed as a revolving fund, some families already financed further stables for other community members.

The program has continued through 2015 and more villages have been added.

All donations go to 100% into the projects

Präsidentin Kooperative Cuyes San Salvador
Präsidentin des Cuyes Projects in Huancalle
Interzeichnung des Vertrags für das Cuyes Projekt mit dem Bürgermeister von Yukay
Die Kooperative in Calca
Links die Präsidentin der kooperative Cuyes in San Salvador
Juan Guzman und Juan terrazas vor einem neuen Stall
Kinder der Frauen aus San Salvador
Kinder der Frauen aus Huancalle
Die einzige Strasse in Huancalle
Festessen zur Feier des Cuyes Projects in Huancalle
Der Laden von San Salvador
Haus in Huancalle
Juan Terrazas y Juan Guzman in Huancalle
Marion Aechter-Droege mit einigen Frauen der Kooperative Cuyes in San Salvador
Marion Aechter-Droege und Juan Guzman in Yukay
Projekt Cuyes mit dem Bürgermeister von Yukay